Executive Multi-Tasking


Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Corporate executives face many challenges in juggling professional responsibilities and family obligations. You are also expected to navigate through complicated company benefits that can be challenging and effectively take advantage of the financial windfall they can provide, which requires time and specialized knowledge.

As you advance in your career and enjoy the fruits of your labor, financial matters become more complex and require a comprehensive and coordinated approach to maximize your opportunities for financial independence. We have the hands-on experience to help you manage the financial decisions facing you and your family.

  • Managing company stock options, RSUs, and deferred compensation
  • Retirement plans – contributions and investing
  • Managing transition between employers – benefit decisions and relocation
  • Helping pay for child’s college education
  • Tax-efficient wealth accumulation
  • Managing income tax liability
  • Charitable giving – avoiding taxes on employer stock
  • Risk management – selecting the right amount and type of insurances
  • Estate planning – reducing taxes and safeguarding beneficiaries