Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event that addresses all areas of your financial life:

  • cash flow and debt management
  • tax planning
  • risk management and insurance
  • wealth accumulation and investments
  • retirement planning
  • estate planning

Developing and monitoring financial projections enables you to see if the path you are on is leading to the achievement of your goals. Below is our initial and ongoing planning processes:


Initial Planning Process 

Initial Planning Process


Should we work together?


Develop an in-depth
understanding of where you are
now and where you want to be.


Collaborative process of
exploring your issues and
available alternatives (pros and
cons) to develop personalized


Review plan and begin
implementing action items.


The development of your financial plan is just the beginning of our relationship. To help you navigate your life events and the changing financial landscape, ongoing communication and meetings are important to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed. We collaborate with your other professionals (tax preparer, estate planning attorney, etc.) to coordinate the efforts of your team of advisors.


Ongoing Planning Process

Ongoing Planning Process

We address and monitor your complete financial picture by preparing net worth statements which include all of your assets and liabilities, not just the accounts that we directly manage. We also provide an investment report that enables you to easily understand exactly how your money is invested. These proprietary reports are prepared annually and include graphs of your progress since the inception of our relationship.